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Page 140 - June 1, 2012

 Thus begins chapter number four, which may or may not be my favourite chapter of the whole thingamagoop, but it will definitely be the longest. All of the following chapters should be longer than the first three (with the possible exception of chapter six), so this one won't end up sticking out as some kind of weirdo giant of a chapter once it's all over. About the cover: gloomy stuff. That is all. No, wait, it's not! I just remembered something else noteworthy! This cover does look more detailed than the previous ones, but the amount of time spent on it is the same, aka about ten hours. The different variable here is of course me upgrading to a Cintiq 12wx from that old Intuos3 of mine, and my drawing speed has gone way up since. Hence, more details in the same amount of time. :3

And what is this that I see with my pair of vision-balls? Why, it's a brand new layout for the reading interface, tailored for this particular chapter! And there's even a space where I can ramble on about everything and nothing at all if I feel like it! And that is someting I sure enjoy to do, so expect lots and lots of ramblings in the future.

I'll probably make chapter-specific layouts for the previous chapters too somewhere along the ride, because this looks way neater than the non-descript format we've seen so far. Hmm, I guess I'm a "more is more"-kind of artist, after all...

Today's voting incentive for TWC is a little mini-drawing-thingie which I'll probably use somewhere on the main site once I change the layout for that, too. Oh wait, is that I crossbow that I see? Well, it sure is!

Crossbows are keewl.