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Pages 221, 222 - September 24, 2012

I'm back from my little weekend trip, and to make up for not being able to update on Saturday, here's a double page update for today! I so planned that. (No I didn't.)

Yes, I know, this is the fourth full spread page in this chapter, which is twice as many as all the previous chapters have combined. But This is the last one, I promise. Even though all the juiciest scenes are still coming up in the final act of this chapter (which will kick of really soon), I didn't really feel a need for any more of these double page layouts. No need to overuse them, especially since a page this wide is kind of difficult to read in digital form. :/

New super boring vote incentive: the ink linearts for pages 219-222. As you can see, I've drawn this spread on two separate sheets of paper and just taped them together. Nnnngh, I should buy a A2 sized block for these occasions, but I never do. x_x