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Page 526 - September 16, 2013

Ville hasn't noticed yet that human bodies are pretty useless at a lot of things. And I said I would reveal two final stretch goals today, so I will:

That first one: I mentioned a while back that I would soon have to go back to working for hire to make ends meet, so I would probably be working weekends for others, weekdays on SSSS, and nights and evenings on the aRTD book. This was most likely going to mean only 3 pages of SSSS each week until the book was done and four pages after that. Well, if we reach our next stretch goal I should have enough money left over after paying for everything to not have to take on any outside work during the whole time that the book is in production (until spring) plus for a few months after that. Soooo I could guarantee 4 pages every week, and bumping that up to 5 pages after my work on the book is done. And the last stretch goal is pretty self explanatory: minicomic number 4, so in total I'd be making two more aRTD minicomics after the campaign ends.

That's it for today folks! We already pushed over 75000 during the weekend (yiiikes!), so the next stretch goal doesn't seem to be as crazy a stretch as I thought it would be. And here's yet another preview panel (pair) from SSSS, I finished page 27:

I just won't tire of drawing people falling into the water for some reason! And the heavy lady on the right isn't fat, just slightly pregnant. See you all tomorrow! I have some more add-on options to reveal, this time it's upgrade options for the in-book drawings. :3 (Oh, oh! Deadline for the fanart contest submissions is on FRIDAY, you still have the rest of the week to polish your pieces.)

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