April 12th, 2012

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I need to start drawing more gloomy steampunkish, science-fictionish scenes, because they are some serious fun. While the scene itself is really nothing else but a sudden brain-butterfly of inspiration and has no connection to anything, this picture is my first step into exploring a semi-realistic comic-drawing style which I wish to use after I'm done with a Redtail's Dream. Which hopefully will be well before the end of next year. So I do have plenty of time to develop in this area before I start my dear pet comic project, but it's always better to start preparing early on rather than after I've screwed up my plans and missed every sinle deadline.


Anyway, pencil sketch:

And then some key colors laid out beneath the sketch:



And then some heavy use of the line tool in photoshop to draw a subtle, but clearly visible, lineart.



All in all, I'm really happy with how this piece turned out. The snow in the front is too painterly for what I want my future comic art to look like, but other than that I feel like I'm on the right track here. And I'm delightfully surprised at how fast I finished: started the sketch around ten in the morning on a random saturday, and had the finished deal done around eleven in the evening.  I'm pretty sure I managed to finish in less than ten hours (a generous amount of breaks and candy-eating was involved.)




And I've got stuff to show for the "The House where the White Cat lives"-piece from last month. Not work-in-progress pictures per-se (not counting the colored sketch below) but a couple of sketches for previous versions.




For some reason I had the simple idea of a white cat living in a run down house, eating the white birds who also happen to be living there. And damn, was this simple idea difficult to get down on virtual paper and finish up. First attempt looked like this:



It's not a bad scene, and I still really like it. But apparently I'm having a slight obsession with horizontal layouts right now, so into the garbage can it went, and this is the direction in which I headed next:


Too moody though, not much fun going on anywhere in the scene. I did color this sketch before admitting that it was far too bland for me to stay interested in to the end. So, a new attempt: let's make the kittycat happy and bouncy and the room way cozier, and we're good to go!


And the tiny matchbox-sized sketch at the bottom is the final one I ended up using for the picture that came to be.  Ta-daah!




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