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Page 312 - January 2, 2013

Hannu didn't die, yesss! Once I read about this man who had a pet bear. One day the bear decided to do a playful somersault-move during playtime and landed right on top of the dude and crushed his ribcage (or something.) Sounds like a Reader's Digest story, so that's probably where I read it.

And oooh! Looks like aRTD is occupying spot 3 on TopWebcomics at the time of me writing this. I think that's the highest we've been so far, at least as far I can remember or am aware of. Thanks guys, this really makes for a great start for the year! By the way, speaking of TopWebcomics, I noticed that a scyscraper ad for aRTD I purchased half a year ago is finally in rotation on the site! Hah, it's been so long that I already forgot it and went "buhhh?" when I spotted it. Back then I read on some webcomic creators' forum that buying ad space on TWC is a rather cost-effective way to promote one's comic, so I checked the rates, nodded in approval and threw in a banner for aRTD, because what the heck. Then I checked what kind of queue there was for new ads and OH MY DOG there were seriously dozens and dozens of webcomics in line! I thought it would take a year for the ad to appear, but looks like it only took half a year. And I guess the ad is kind of useless at this point... back then aRTD was struggling to even stay in the top 100, so that ad could have been really helpful under those circumstances. Not so much now.

But hey, I'm so not complaining, I seriously didn't expect for aRTD to be sitting in the top 10 by now, and that's infinitely better! The only thing that miffs me is that I can't comment on whether purchasing ad space on TWC really is cost effective for webcomic creators, because I have no way of knowing what kind of traffic that banner would generate on its own. -_-

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