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Page 313 - January 3, 2013

Finally! We're getting to somewhere.

It's time for another webcomic (plus kickstarter thingie) recommendation, and the comic is this one: Next Town Over. The comic looks ridiculously beautiful, and the story... well, it's a Western which contains a steampunkish cyborg-horse and a fire-horse, that should be enough of a pitch. The usual update speed is once a week, but it is on a break right now partly because of the ongoing crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fun the printing of the first volume, which is why I'm throwing in this recommendation right now and not next week: the campaign ends within the next two days, so here's a terrific opportunity to grab a great-looking graphic novel and to support a webcomic artist. Seriously, get the hardcover one, 35 bucks (+5 if you need it shipped outside the US) is an excellent deal, and softcover comic books are lame.

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