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Page 441 - June 7, 2013

Aaaa, Ville is a swan! And no, his body isn't really going to be some kind of weird, flat plane that can be laid on. I just fused his visuals with some ice because I wanted to and I get to do weird stuff like that in cover illustrations if I want to. You'll get to see what his full body looks like in tomorrow's page, yaay! Oh, wait, I guess you can see most of it iin the header image...oh well! Lots of people were guessing bird on the last page, and you got one. :3

The main site still has the visuals from the last chapter as I'm not done with the new illustration yet. I'll probably have it done tomorrow, but here's a little preview shot of my work in progress stage of it. I kept almost the exact same colors as in the cover illustration because I really like them, but this one will be a more detailed image.

See you guys tomorrow with the first page of the chapter!

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