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Page 442 - June 8, 2013

Ville approves of his new form, oh yes he does.

Guess whaaat, I might be able to graduate this summer after all! I got an email from the main language facility of our university, and they found some kind of special solution for me to get that pesky, out-of-the-blue Swedish class done. I just have to write three essays (one of them has to be an "expert article" x/) by the 17th this month and come in for an oral presentation the 19th. Easy peasy! No, wait, did I mention that me and my mom are going to Iceland for a week on Monday? I'm so not going to ruin the trip that we've literally spent years saving up for by doing school assignments in the hotel room while we're there! I'll just have to power through the essays today and tomorrow, and then I'll have a one day window to prepare the oral presentation once I get back home. That better work out. >_<

Oh, and don't worry, I'm taking my tablet PC with me to Iceland so I'll be updating aRTD normally while I'm there. See you on Monday! Ah, almost forgot: I changed the vote bait on Topwebcomics again, can't have the cover preview there now that the cover is revealed already. Instead we've got a little work-in-progress sequence of it to tickle your interests. It includes the monochromatic sketch, the color pass and the final cover side by side for comparison. A big thanks to everyone who has been voting this month, aRTD is still perched on spot nr. 2! :3

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