Art usage



I often get inquiries about whether it's OK to publish my pictures on blogs, personal websites or to use part of them as avatars, so I figured a little info-blurb on the issue would come in handy.


The answer to the above wonderings would be: yes, that's perfectly okay as long as they're not used for commercial purposes. So go ahead! I only wish to be credited as the artist of the images, and would of course greatly appreciate a link back to my page in cases when it's possible.

Cropping the images for avatars is OK, too, as long as it is not made in a way that deliberately changes the meaning of the image somehow. Because that's just rude.


An exception would be commissioned pieces, they go by the rule of "only looking, no touching".


If you have some other kind of use in mind that you're not sure I would approve of, or in case you're looking to use any of my images for commercial purposes, pitch me a mail and we'll see what the situation is. :3



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